Warning: mild spoilers.

Okay so basically it was super cute!

It was kind of cheesy but theres nothing wrong with that and thats to be expected in almost every kids movie!

I watched it with my friend, Gracen, over Discord (the app, not the character!) and it was a fun time :) sorry if I focus more on the time I had with my friend than the movie whoopsie

I loved all the new characters and it was TOTALLY set up for a new series on the way?? I am quite excited for this new series, especially for new lore or events between G4 and G5!

I recommend this movie to anyone who loves G4 MLP or if you're a parent throwing on a lil movie for ya children lol. It has a lot of merit and good stuff but there is a lot of content fans of G4 will be like... hyped over?

I'm sure theres plenty of content for fans of older generations but sadly I wouldn't know since I did not watch them. There was a short second an older gen of MLP was playing but I missed it but it was a nice 'call back'! I'm sure I would've appreciated it more if I was a fan of older gens but Shrug

I really loved Sunny's dad, he was sooo cute I love him!! Its really weird going from Better Call Saul to this This Movie cuz the same voice actor for the dad is an actor in BCS so to go from "HE DEFECATED IN A SUN ROOF!!!" to "Unicorns, pegasi and earth ponies were all best friends :)" was SO WEIRD to adjust but still fun and cool and epic and based and dad-pilled.

Sunny's dad also gave me vibes of just brony but whose also a dad who has a kid who also likes MLP so they just experience and have fun together over thier shared love for a cartoon? But in a History Nerd way in the film!

Basically, it was very good, loved the references and I liked how even when they had real world brands show up (like "Pony" instead of "Sony") it never felt forced or like "Hey, go buy this!" or "Hey use [brand] to do [x]!". I didnt feel advertised to which allowed me just enjoy the references to real world logos and names. Wish more movies did that!

okay yeah i dunno what else to say. it was a cute movie, cheesy but thats okay and accepted here, and fun as hell to watch with a friend :)

Gracen if you see this thank you for watching it with me and being a rad friend who watches horse cartoons with me and is just In My Life in general lol