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I'm very bad at talking about myself lol.

The Webmaster. He is a man with the head of a grizzly bear, in the picture he is giving a thumbs-up beside a Bowser statue.

About me!?

Hey, my name is Bear. I am a young adult and a bear. I like to hike, learn about the world, create (or look at) artwork or writings (books, poetry, etc.) and of course, I like to make websites and HTML creations sometimes! :)

I am interested in old and/or 'low' tech and using the least amount or the most simple tools, technology, coding, etc. to achieve something epic. I hope to have content related to this more on my site soon! I like simple but also CRAZY DECORATED webpages so expect to jump between very differing themes >:)

Special Interests

General Interests
  • 🌄Hiking, Exploring, the Outdoors
  • 💪 Fitness, Exercise, Body-building
  • 🧬 Biology, Ecology, Zoology, Environmental Science
  • 🗺 Geography, Countries and Maps
  • 🐾 Animals and 🌱 Plants
  • ☸ Buddhism 💙
  • And just studying religion and theology

Movies & TV
  • Breaking Bad & Better Call Saul
Books & Writings
  • Sutta Piá¹­aka
    • The Dhammapada
  • Bhikkhu Bodhi — In the Buddha's Words: An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon
  • Krakauer, Jon — Into the Wild

Video Games
  • Minecraft
  • The Elder Scrolls
  • Splatoon

My Friends

All my friends are cool. Some don't have websites or social medias unfortunately- but here are the sites (in no order!) of my friends who do!


I prefer to be left alone lol

But in all seriousness, if you wish to leave a comment feel free to leave one on the site's Neocities page, Guestbook coming soon (maybe).

Im not really a big social media guy and like to keep my social medias kinda 'seperate' due to privacy, which I'm allowed to have! I will add more contact methods here should my site ever grow larger and need better ways of recieving feedback!


❓: Why do the images on this site look terrible like that? (low quality/dithered)

I purposefully 'lower the quality' of images to save space (making this website faster to load!) and because I like the aesthetic, it's very fitting!

I use Dither it! to accomplish this.

❓: Your site is very empty right now, what are your plans for it?

Self-expression and education on subjects that interest me. I mainly just want to have fun, make fun things for visitors to explore but also share knowledge on subjects I'm passionate about in hopes that others can learn something new!

My ideas range from fun shrines (like my My Little Pony shrine), pages for the holidays and a few 'mini-sites' (like whole sections of my site with a whole new aesthetic, design, content it may as well be it's own website... But it's not! It's my Mini-Site!) mainly on my passions and things I wish to share like on Environmentalism & Buddhism.

Site Stats

* On Neocities, not the size on my computer (which is very much larger due to having a lot of archived and unused content!)